The Monday Morning blues

Ugh I don’t feel like working today. It’s such a drag. Specially right after a long weekend. Mighty painful I tell you. Knowing that the problems will pile up again, everyone will ask around for help and you’ll have to do dozens of chores (most of them irrelevant or unimportant).

I hate mondays, specially because monday is the day you realize you’ll need to do the work from which you’ve said on friday “aahww this can wait until monday”!
That really backfired and exploded in my face.

And sure life if nice and great, the sun is shining. But then again… it’s monday for crying out loud!

In a way Garfield and I have a lot in common

Specially when someone tries to cheer me up and says “Hey Monday ain’t that bad! Just get up with a smile on your face and enjoy”. Something similar to this happens:

Well I guess I’m working at nag-o-rama’s on monday. Anyway, don’t worry I’ll won’t ruin your perfect monday ;-).

Enjoy! (or not and feel free to spill your gut)


2 thoughts on “The Monday Morning blues

  1. So true! All the stuff we said on Friday “could wait” definitely comes back with a vengeance on Monday morning. Thanks for the Garfield comic — I needed that today. Monday.

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