Open Sesame

What to do if your cd/dvd/etc drive suddenly dies and won’t respond anymore to the “button-push”? Oh noes! My favo disk was in there! Following options are available:

  1. Panic
  2. Throw PC out of the window
  3. Read my blog

I really hope you picked option 3. Because here is how (you’ll amaze everyone, since not too many people know how this works).

There is a very simple trick to open your dead drive. All you need is a paperclip and this post.

  1. Take your paperclip and unfold it. No I’m not kidding
  2. Now take a close look at the front of your drive. You’ll notice a tiny hole somewhere (huray for my paint-skillz)
  3. Now gently push one end of the paperclip in this tiny hole. Don’t worry it was designed for this.
  4. There you go! The drive has now magically opened ;-). Take out your disk. Toss the drive with the trash and go get yourself a new drive.

Good luck!


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