Retro Gaming: Harvester

Aaaah Friday is always a good day to play some good old fashion games. And today’s game is besides retro also one of the strangest games you’ll ever come across. If you ever played, or read my post about phantasmagoria, you are familiar with the point and click genre.

Harvester, which we will be discussing today, is one of those games in this genre.  Created in the late 90s, when game developers still had the idea that this genre would be life changing, the game of Harvester takes us along to tell the story of Steve Mason. He awakes in a strange town called Harvest in 1953 with a bad case of amnesia, he cannot remember anything from his past. As he tries to explain this to the people who claim to be his family they all refuse to believe him and tell him that he shouldn’t kid around.

Fun fact is that most of the people in this game, townsfolk mostly, look very eccentric, to say the very least. As if they are stereotypes in stead of actual people. All people Steve meets encourage him to join the lodge, which is basically a big building in the center of town that serves as the headquarters of the order of the harvest moon.

Steve is told that all of his questions will be answered once he joins the order. But like with any respectable order, you can’t just barge in. No, Steve has to perform a series of tasks first. These tasks vary from vandalism to arson.

And off you go.. pillaging and rampaging.

It all sounds a bit silly but back in the day this game came out it caused quite a bit of controversy. Why you wonder? Because it contains various scenes of violence, gore, people fondling, masturbation and S&M (what is it with point and click game developers and S&M, remember phantasmagoria 2?). And the list just goes on, murder, suicide, child abuse, profanity, cannibalism, prostitution, molestation, arson, theft, serial killing, vandalism, STDs and so on and so forth. If you were a horror game lover in the 90s, this was right up your alley.

The horror!


Eventually this game was banned in Germany and never released in Australia. The game did get released in the UK, but there were a lot of scenes removes, to make it “acceptable”.

Kinda makes you wonder what this game looks like, doesn’t it? Well it’s your lucky day because there are tons of videos about this game on youtube.
Of course it is my duty to tell you to look away and to be aware because of all the 90s gore.. Although frankly, I think you’ll be fine.

Have Fun with the complete playthrough of Harvester:

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