Story Telling

Today I want to show you a piece of software which is not so commonly asked for. It is purely meant for screenwriters. This software is designed to accelerate the process of creating screenplays and, in the end, deliver finished media.

The software designer: Adobe
Name of the software: Story
Cost: nothing (how cool is that)

There are a lot of great programs out there to support you in screenplay writing, but for a beginning screenwriter this can be quite expensive. This is why Adobe Story is a great and free alternative which also allows you to schedule tasks and report on progress.

Adobe story can also be used when working with writing teams since it is possible to share projects.

Basically this tool allows you to take care of your entire production process. From pre-production to post production.

Since I’m not familiar with screenwriting or producting a series or a movie, it seem wise to show you a few tutorial movies of Adobe Story.



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