Abandonware AKA Free stuff!

Just like we do, software has a life cycle. It’s designed, developed, distributed, hated, fixed, sometimes loved, forgotten and never used again. When software reaches the last phase: “forgotten and never used again” it often becomes abandonware.

This means that the software hasn’t changed but the producer simply doesn’t supports or sells it any longer. This is why it becomes legally impossible to buy it. Which most of the times means you can find it on the internet for free. Do keep in mind that there is nothing that says it’s legal to “just download it” from the internet. But let’s face it, the changes that the producer of this old software is “out to get you” is very very small.

As a result there are a lot of websites out there that offer “abandonware”. Like for example Abandonia, which can be found here. This site offers you mostly games (fossils) which allow you to revisit your childhood memories.

Go on, have a go ;-)..


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