How to fix the internet

If I told you how many phone calls I get about “the internet that isn’t working anymore” you would feel sorry for me. Although the solution is most of the time very simple, most people just don’t seem to succeed in fixing “the internet” on their own. This is why I decided to write a few guidelines to follow whenever you are unable to connect to the internet.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to print out these few lines or copy them to a offline document because, as you know, you won’t be able to visit this page whenever your internet connection is down ;-).

1. Did you try turning it off and on again?

This is actually a very good one. I’ve told you this on many occasions because it simply works. Sometimes something random goes wrong in a program, hardware, whatever which results in technological confusion. The first thing to try is to pull out the plug wait a minute and plug it back in.
So if you are connected directly to a modem, unplug the modem and wait for a bit. If you are connected to a router, unplug that thing. If that doesn’t work, unplug the modem, router and all other related network devices and plug them all back in. 8 chances out of 10 the internet connection will be fixed again.

2. Is it plugged in?

I think the title speaks for itself? Check it and if it isn’t plugged in, don’t tell a living soul. Bringing me to the next topic:

3. Is it connected?

This is mostly for WiFi users. Did you check if your computer is actually connected to a wireless network. Again, if it isn’t, connect, don’t tell a living soul. If all of above did not work:

4. Check your IP address

Do you have a valid IP address? This is very easy to check. If you are on a windows computer, open a command box (press the window key + r, type cmd and hit enter) and type ipconfig. You see a lot of information popping up and one of the lines is IPv4-address which will or at least should show you a series of numbers, something like
If the IP address is something that begins with 169.254 then, and I’m quite sure of this, the IP address is wrong. This happens a lot on a WiFi network. If you entered a password to connect to a wireless network and the password is wrong it could be that you still get connected. Because of this you’ll get a false IP address. Disconnect and reconnect with the correct password in order to resolve this. If you see something like medium not connected, go back to step 2.
By the way, the command on Linux and Mac is ifconfig, you can run this command in the terminal (although I believe you have to do this as the root user).

A small side note, if your IP address is then this also means your cable/wifi/whatever is not connected ;-).

5. Does it blink?

Most network devices have LED lights which show connectivity, power, connection to the internet, etc. If you are connected to a router, check the router and check if the “connected to internet” light is on. If it isn’t, it means there is actually something wrong with your internet connection. Next step is to check the modem. First of all check if it is on, if it is check if all the light are on (check the manual to figure out which are the ones that need to be on).

6. All is lost, you’re allowed to panic now

If all of above didn’t work or if your modem is completely dead, call your ISP. They can help you out ;-).


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