Retro Gaming: Goonies

Get your nostalgia on, I’ve got a game to show you that you’ve probably never heard of but you’ll still recognize.

Although must of you will know the movie: The Goonies, not too many out there will be aware of the existence of a computer game of the goonies. As a matter of fact there are 2 goonies games available.

It’s not unlikely that you have never heard about these games since the first game was released in Japan and never officially sold in North America (or any other place in the world if you ask me). The game was released in 1986, produced by Konami for the Nintendo Family Computer. Isn’t that something, a game no one ever heard about released for a console no one knows ;-). I’ll get back on this in a later post (for those of you still reading my strange blog).

The game was later released on the Disk System (ditto as before, never heard of it) in 1988 and ever later they were released on the PlayChoice-10 and the Vs. System. These are both coin operated consoles.

In the game itself you play as Mikey, who has to defend himself with bombs and a slingshot against mice (the bombs seem a little overkill now, don’t they), ghosts, you name it. Throughout the game you can collect keys, diamonds and equipment which protects you against the hazards in the environment. Fun fact, the music in the game contains the actual movie theme by Cyndi Lauper.

Before continuing on to the second Goonies game (we may as well go all the way while we are at it), let me show you what the original Goonies game is like.

On March 18th 1987 the second installment this game was released in Japan and this time it was also released in other parts of the world. The name of this 2nd game is “The Goonies II: The Fratellis’ Last Stand”. Also developed by konami.

This game story again centers on Mikey who’s friends have been kidnapped by the Fratellis, which we all know from our beloved childhood movie. As with most platformers this is about all there is to this game.

The gameplay features 2 modes of play. Platform and, believe it or not, first person. Most of the game is played as the first game, platforming, just jumping up and down making your way through the levels. Whenever the player enters a door, the game shifts to first person, by using a command menu you can explore these first person rooms.  Throughout the game you have to collect several items in order to be able to complete the game. Although sometimes it’s rather obscure why you have to do certain things in order to get an item. For example, there is a candle you have to obtain to complete the game. You can get it by hitting an old woman 5 times in a row… Although it is never explained why you have to hit the old woman. Which is a bit.. well.. it’s just plain wrong.

And so, all left for me to do is to show you the gameplay of the second Goonies game. If you ever have the chance, give it a spin ;-).


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