Final Fantasy XV – Preview

I have always been a fan of Final Fantasy, like so many other people out there. Even if you are not into gaming, I’m sure that you can still enjoy the final fantasy series. As they seem to work like one big interactive movie.

Surely everyone has heard of the epic Final Fantasy 7 game, Cloud Strife and his cast of rebels fighting monsters, demons and entire armies of Shinra soldiers for the sake of the planet. But the Final Fantasy series is so much more than this.

We’ve seen it all, materia, guardian forces, paradigm shifts and so on and so forth. Although I started fearing for the game series after playing the last 2 single player installments. The world wasn’t as open any more, the battle system was very different from the previous games and if I’m really honest, I didn’t quite like the characters either.

In any case, Final Fantasy XIII now has 2 installments and for a very long time there was a game announced, called Final Fantasy XIII: Versus. Not all too much was known about this game, but a few weeks ago Square Enix announced that the title of this game is changed to, shockingly, Final Fantasy XV (there is already an online version of Final Fantasy, which has the number XIV). Also a trailer was released and I must say, my hopes are up again!

Although still not much is known about the game, what the story is or let alone who the characters are, the trailer looks pretty amazing.

Have a look and let me know what you think about it.


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