Retro Gaming: Bible Adventures

Games come in sorts of forms, the developers of these games want to make sure that there is something out there for everyone. Because of this some really strange games have been produced. For example Bible Adventure.

This game is, as you probably already guessed, a Christian video game, created by Wisdom Tree. It released in 1991 for the NES and 4 years later it game to the Sega Megadrive.

For those of you still reading ;-)… It contains a collection of 3 game, all, needless to say, based on the bible.

Noah, carrying.. a pile.. of.. animals…

The first is Noah’s Ark. You must gather animals and food and carry them into the ark. When you get Noah’s health down for god knows what reason, all you need to do is read verses from the Bible and your health will regenerate. These verses are scattered around the world.

The second game is Baby Moses. You control Miriam, this is Moses’ sister. You are trying to save your brother from being killed by carrying him around from level to level. Funny thing is that you can throw Moses around without hurting him. The hard part of this game is that enemies cannot be harmed in any way, you have to avoid them at all cost. If you drop or lose Moses, the enemies will try to throw Moses int he Nile.

The last game is David and Goliath. You control David, as the game starts you herd sheep. Your mission is to avoid predators like bears and lions. When you obtain a slingshot the game changes and you now have to dodge guards, scorpions and stones. When this is all over you get to fight Goliath’s shield bearer and after that Goliath himself.

As you may have guess, this game got quite a bit of criticism for a number of things. People found it to be overly didactic and it looked too much like Super Mario Brothers 2. And frankly, I’m sure they are only talking about the gameplay because the game itself is, to say the least awful.

Never the less it sold about 350000 times in Christian bookstores (since it wasn’t sold through video game retailers).

For those interested, I added a video of the entire game.

I dare you… Try it


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