Retro Gaming – Mick and Mack: The Global Gladiators

Time for some good old fashioned retro gaming. Today a Sega Megadrive game and not just any game, probably one of the most underrated Megadrive games ever created.

Mick and Mack: The Global Gladiators. This game tells the story of… shockingly.. Mick and Mack. One day, best friends Mick and Mack were suddenly thrust into a bizarre world as their favorite heroes, the Global Gladiators! In this world they are armed with a goo-shooter. If you don’t know what this is, think of it as a gun that shoots green puss. Very tasteful.. With this gun you’ll be taking on slimy enemies as you work your way through four worlds and 12 levels of slime shooting action.

This platform game was produced by Virgin Interactive for the Sega Megadrive, as stated earlier. There were plans to create a version for the SNES for no clear reasons. Fun fact is that this game is loosely based on the McDonalds (the fast food chain) franchise and has a very strong environmentalist message.

What you do is basically like any other platform game, you run, jump and slime the hell out of your enemies. Although this sounds rather corny, it’s surprisingly good. Even though you are guided through the worlds by Ronald McDonald.
Besides the good gameplay there is also a very nice (for that time at least) soundtrack with some very catchy tunes.

Why do I find it underrated? Besides the gameplay and music, the game engine used for this game was also used for other, rather successful titles such as (one of my personal favorites) Cool Spot and Disney’s Alladin.

Be sure to check it out! You will not be disappointed…



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