Greenshot: for all your screenshot needs

Presenting a fantastic screen capturing tool today. Greenshot is an open source tool, free to download needless to say.

It allows you to quickly make a snapshot of a part of your screen. But not only that, it has a build in interface to send the captured images to a destination, for instance your computer, paint, word, imgur and even Jira (the IT guys will know what I mean).

This is in my opinion already great! But wait! There is more! It has it’s own build in image editing tool. This makes it very easy and very fast to edit your screenshot on the fly. It also enables you to obfuscate parts of your screenshot. For those emergency “OMG-there-is-a-nipple-showing” sessions.

Really handy at work, I can assure you! Go for it, you’ll love it. Downloading greenshot can be done by clicking here.


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