Tool Tip! Notepad ++

You’ve seen me use it a few times before and I also briefly mentioned it as a recommendation. So here it is, a complete post about a pimped notepad program!

Notepad ++ is free to download and use, as the programmers call it themselves: “it’s a free (as in free speech and also as in free beer) source code editor”.
And there you have it, that’s what it is. Write whatever code you can imagine and notepad ++ is able to make it more readable for you.

Notepad ++ will highlight keywords, show you the beginning and end of a statement between parentheses, makes collapsible text blocks of loops and nested code blocks, etc. This is a Valhalla for every coder.
This tool also allows you to write macros, so you can automate recurrent text editing tasks. And for those who want to print (and frame) their code as they have written it. Notepad ++ is a WYSIWYG, (what you see is what you get)..

In case notepad ++ doesn’t offer you enough features, not to worry, it also accepts plugins. For example, I need to compare test results on a regular basis. Yet these result sets can be very large. After some googling I found out that someone wrote a file compare plugin for notepad ++. I downloaded it, put it in the notepad ++ plugin subfolder, restarted notepad ++, et voila! It works.

Also, the company that made notepad ++ also has an online shop. Here you can buy mugs, bears and, I kid you not, notepad ++ thongs.
Don’t believe me?

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