Closing the unclosable

Because of the new interface of windows 8, which we briefly discussed earlier, a lot of users are having a bunch of questions. One of the most common question is, how do I close an app?
The familiar X button seems to be gone. Panic!

This may seem like a problem at first, but you’ll soon notice that there are several ways to close an application. The first one, which will only work for computer users, is by entering the key combination alt + f4. This will work with most applications, and is as old as windows itself.

Another thing you can do is press ctrl + shift + escape. The window that pops up when you do this shows the active processes and applications. Select the applications you want to close and click end task. This is not a recommended manner of shutting down an application, but it’ll work. Like the last method, this works only for computer users.

The last way, and the way windows intends users to close applications is as follows. Move your cursor to the top left corner of the screen. A list with all running apps will show, hover over the one you want to close, right click and select close.

Another problem solved ;-)


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