The Cloud

It’s amazing to see how sharing of data has progressed in these past few years. Think of the things you do on the internet on a daily basis. Facebook, twitter, blogging, e-mail, you name it.

If you take a close look at it you’ll notice that quite a few thing about your life are out there. And this is not only the case for our personal lives. Also our professional lives are influenced by the internet. You have probably heard more than once that the company you work for wants to go to “the cloud”. Which really sounds like a cheesy 50’s scifi movie.
Many people are wondering what this “cloud” is, perhaps it is dangerous?

Like most IT related answers, it’s very simple. As you may recall from earlier posts, the internet is often referred to as the cloud. All kinds of devices are plugged into the world wide web. This allows them to interconnect and communicate with each other.

With “going to the cloud” most companies mean that they want to make their hardware, files, communication, system management, etc available from the internet. Take google for example. I’m sure that most of you have a gmail address. But did you also know that companies can actually buy gmail addresses and a sort of a domain?
You can ask google to host your e-mail infrastructure. Like this you get a set of gmail addresses, hosted by google with a personalized extension. This means the e-mail addresses will not be but even though they are hosted by google.
By doing so, the employees of this company can access their e-mail everywhere. As long as they got an internet connection, they can reach their e-mail. You can decide for yourself if this is good or bad.

This concept can be applied on most tools of your company. You can also install the applications you use on a hosted server, somewhere on the internet. Or a file server can be in the cloud.
Very handy if you are on the road a lot. You can access your files and your data from anywhere on the globe.

Very handy indeed, but let’s face it. This can also be a burden … ;-)


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