Retro Gaming: Bioshock

In the light of the recent release of the newest installment of the bioshock line: Bioshock Infinite we are going to look back to were we came from. Although the original Bioshock game isn’t that old yet, it has already become a classic. You’ll soon understand why.

Bioshock is a first person shooter, released in august 2007 by 2K Boston/2K Australia. It became first available for PC and XBOX only later for PS3.


If you are a fan of shooter games, this will be your cup of tea. It will be like something you’ve never played before.
The game starts with an airplane crash somewhere in the Atlantic ocean in 1960. The main character of the game is the only person that survives the crash. As he starts swimming, he sees and old lighthouse.

As he arrives there he learns that this is the entrance to an underwater city called Rapture. He also learns that this used to be a giant metropolis created by one Andrew Ryan. This city was build on the ideology that every man and woman has the right to enjoy the fruit of their own labor without the interference of other parties (like taxes from a government).

Once entering rapture it becomes clear that this city has just seen the ending of a civil war, which started a year earlier. It was (and actually still is) a war between Ryan and Atlas. Atlas claims Ryan to be a tyrant. Needless to say you end up in the middle of the war between these 2 men and you have to fight along.

Throughout the game you get a large arsenal of weapons… Handguns, machine guns, flame throwers even a bazooka. But this is not the only thing you can find. After a while in rapture you learn that in rapture Plasmids where developed. These are a type of tonics which alter the human genetic code. It improves them. Plasmids allow you to shoot fire, electricity, ice, etc from your hands. But they can also give you telekinetic powers, the power to control bees and many other things.

When using a plasmid, you consume adam. You can best compare this to the mana which is used in many other games. Most of the people who still live in the one glorious city of Rapture are now hooked to adam and are gruesomely deformed. They will do anything to get their hands on the, now rare, adam. Needless to say, you’ll get to kill a few (or more) …

Big Daddy and Little Sister

This adam is a crucial element in the game. It can be extracted from dead bodies but this can only be done by little sisters. These are little girls who use a big syringe to suck the adam out of the dead inhabitants of Rapture (mostly those you killed, let’s face it). But since most of Rapture’s inhabitants are hooked to this stuff and will do anything to get it. The little sisters need to be protected. So they all have a guardian with them.

These guardians are called big daddies. Now, I’m going to have a hard time explaining to you what a big daddy actually is. So I suggest that I just add a picture and a video clip so you can see it for yourself. And in case you are wondering, yes, you will encounter these creatures regularly and yes you will going to have to fight them.

What I told you here is only the tip of the iceberg. As the game progresses you learn what happened in Rapture and what the story behind the city is.

As usual, the only thing left to do is to show you some gameplay material. And I assure you, after you’ve seen it, you will be hooked as well ;-).


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