The Windows 8 Blues

Have you seen or tried the windows 8 interface? How do you like it?

I for one think it’s far from intuitive. Since I have been working with windows for a very long time, I find the sudden change of interface a drag. I can’t find my files, my programs, the apps are working slow, I’m forced to use a windows account, etc…

As I came to understand, this OS was build, mostly, for tablet users. Which seems very reasonable, because this type of interface can indeed work on a tablet. But if you install this on a regular computer, this may give you some trouble.

For those of you, like me, who are not willing or simply are unable to accept the new interface and would rather go back to the default setup, I wrote down a few suggestions.

There is a free tool called Skip Metro Suite, which you can download here. This tool allows you to bypass the new start screen, bring back the old start button (or at least a surrogate).  It can also put back the classic apps on your desktop like the command box. On of the most useful options I found so far is the options that allows you to stop opening files in the modern apps. By using this tool you can go back to using the tools like you did on windows 7. For instance paint, windows mail, … .

However there is one issue. Once you install this, windows does not support the playback of DVD’s anymore. But that never stopped us, right? Simply install VLC media player and your problem is fixed.

How ever said change was a good thing?


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