Happy Birthday!

The CD turns 30 today. Yes indeed, this means we all are getting old ;-).

On October 1st, 1982, Sony started an audio revolution as they released the very first commercial compact disc player. The type: CDP-101, which was released, of course, in Japan. The reason I call this a revolution is because this stared an era of crystal clear music. No more cracking sound and broken tapes.

At that time it was sold for $674. Taking into account the current value of the dollar this would mean it would cost about $1609 in “2012 dollars”. But there is no point in releasing a new media if there is nothing to put on it. So a group of 50 albums were released along with the release of the CDP-101. A few examples: Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd and Journey. Each disc costed $14, which would mean about $33 in “2012 dollars”.

At first the critics expected this to be something only for the wealthy, but guess what… About 5 years later almost everyone used CDs. Even today we are still using CDs or technologies derived from the CD.

All hail the CD! ;-)


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