Retro Gaming: California Games

Some time ago I got myself a sega megadrive. It was a very good deal on eBay so I figured to just go for it. Nostalgia all over the place! I also got myself streets of rage 2 and another game which I wanted to show you.

California Games! A rather popular game, released in 1987, originally made for Apple Z (I kid you not) and Commodore 64.Later on it was released for a dozen other console, one of them is the Sega Mega Drive. I believe that it even was re-released for mobile phones and PS3 some time ago.

There is no story here, it’s a sports game as the title implies. The point of the game is to compete in different popular Californian sports. Following events are available: skateboarding, surfing, rollerskating, some sport that involves kicking a ball and keeping it in the air, frisbee and BMX. The funny thing is that you can play this game with 9 players. Agreed, you can only use 1 controller but still, you can compete against each other. The point is to get the high score, as with most 80s and 90s games.

I remember this being tons of fun as a kid, so there is nothing left for me to do then to recommend this game and show you a gameplay video!



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