Let’s talk amphibian here.. TOAD for Oracle! This is quite an amazing tool for SQL developers or Oracle DBAs. Honestly, I wouldn’t be amazed if most of the people working with Oracle know this tool.

TOAD is short for Tool for Oracle Application Developmers. Basically this tools allows you to query an Oracle Database. But it is so much more than just that, it also allows you to show you what the execution plan of a query will be (the way a query will be executed on the database), there is a query optimizing tool, schema browser and tons of smaller embedded tools to help you write your SQL or PL/SQL code.

I’m rarely psyched about a tool, but this one is really great. The best part about it is, that it actually works. There are, as far as I know, no flaws. And yes, I’ll probably get some angry mails about this because some of you will actually have found some bugs. But really, these will be very specific and probably hard to find :’).

This tool comes in very different flavors, although it is a tool that was initially written for Oracle databases, it also exists for other databases these days. Like SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc…
There is also a free version of this tool, a light version so to speak. Because, sadly enough, this tool comes with a price.

A fun fact is that this tool was intially written by an Oracle employee that was trying to make his own life easier. So he wrote a small tool and he called it.. Of course.. Toad. He made it available for others and after a while, TOAD became this man’s full time job. Talking about a cash cow.. ;-)

Try the product yourself (there is a trial period) to figure out all the possible details. Because it is impossible to list them all.

You can find all the details on this website. Enjoy!


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