Retro Gaming: Terminator

And what a retro game! As a kid I never made it past level 1. Sadly enough, this is no joke, it’s an insanely hard game. It was released somewhere in the early 1990s. The story is the same as the movie from 1984. You play as Kyle Reese and your job is to find and protect Sarah Connor from the terminator.

Each level is packed with enemies, really, think of a lot of enemies and double that number. That’s how many are in here. However it’s a cool game for it’s time. And if you make it past level 1, well it’s still hard but you’ll make it I guess. What I like most about it at this point in time are beyond any doubt the sound effects.

Each time Reese get’s hurt he goes OEEEEWWE.. It sounds so… digital :D. And the sound of gunshots, it’s like someone is clapping his hands together really really fast. How can you not love this.

I actually found a complete play trough of this game on youtube. It’s only 15 minutes long (yeah, the game was mostly difficulty in stead of length).  You should really watch it.. Then you’ll understand what I mean…

Let’s just say this has some emotional value rather than quality…


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