Elevator Adventures

Did you ever notice that most people, say some very strange things? Specially when you, for example, walk into an elevator. You see, I’m currently working on a project for a rather large company owned by the government. Now before I explain you in detail what I mean I should probably tell you that there are a few, let’s call them, types of people that work here.

On the one hand you have the internal employees, those that actually work for the company. Most of them have been working in the company for years and feel as if they own the place. On the other hand you have the external employees, the consultants if you will. And these people feel constantly repressed, specially by the internal employees.
There is a constant, silent war going on between these two, behind each others back at least. Quite funny to see really, specially because most of the time I’m not involved (yeah yeah I’m evil I know).
Either way, both parties have to work together no matter what, since the external people have to build application for the internal ones.

A few days ago, I walk into the elevator on the 9th floor, on my way out of the building and some other (external) guy walks in the elevator with me. On the 8th floor an older lady gets in, one of the internal employees.
No one said a word, until 1.5 floors later, the lady suddely started this conversation with the external guy.

Lady: “Ah nice the sun is finally showing”
Dude: Yes indeed
Lady: “That’s great because whew, it has been rainy the past few days”
Dude: That’s right
Lady: “And last week, also rather cold”
Dude: Absolutely

Now it could be and probably is me, but don’t you think it’s odd? To start a conversation about, well… nothing really? It came to my attention that people can’t stand silences for some reason. It is as if they feel like they are insulting other people around them if they don’t say a word. Once you get past the amazement (I’m easly impressed, what can I say) of these socially awkward situations, it becomes quite fun to see how people respond to these kind of situations.

A few days later, same hour, same elevator. I get in again at the 9th floor and there already are a few people in the elevator. I’m typically known for having bad luck, so no surprises here, the elevator stops at each and every floor until we reach the bottom floor. After 2 or 3 floors the elevator is, ofcourse, fully loaded. No one else was able to cram into the rather small elevator.
Literally on every floor we stopped, the people unable to enter said stuff like:

– Oops
– Ahw
– Ooh
– Man!
– *sigh*
– *grmbl*

What’s the point? It’s not like the elevator will become larger when you say something like that. Also, why would you say that? It doesn’t give any information to other people, besides the fact that you are annoyed, which we already know. Or it doesn’t help you, since you are still standing there, with to elevator to ride.
After a while this just becomes fun, someone should tape all the reaction of people and make a compilation. Prime Time hit! I’m telling you.

Same thing goes for people who are co-piloting a car. Next time you drive someone around, pay attention to their reaction. It’s funny if you know that is going to happen but dangerous if you don’t expect it.
I know quite some people who go *HHHHHHHHEEEE* when I have to break suddenly, or something unexpected happens. No idea why they do that, it really isn’t going to help anything to help us get out of the car alive.

Humans… a very strange species


11 thoughts on “Elevator Adventures

  1. Yeah, I do all the noises, nothing talk AND multiple pushes of the lift button! The thing is, the noises are to express your emotions, not to communicate information, while the weather talk is to ‘get the ball rolling’ – to create a more friendly atmosphere in a small awkward space. Although, it doesn’t, always. Sometimes it’s just awkward, as you say.

  2. Only people who have no iPod have no choice but to deal with silence, the rest of us listening to… whatever we are listening to… And hey, stop pressing on the elevator’s button repeatedly – other people are waiting for their turn too…lol

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