Retro Gaming: Simcopter

Friday! Gaming Time! And once again I got a real beauty for you. I’m sure that you’ll claim me to be insane again. As the title implied, this post will tell you something about simcopter. Ring a bell? It’s made by Maxis, the game producer that has been making all the sim and sim related games (sim city, the sims, …).

There is no real storyline in this game, just tasks with a helicopter! You start at a launchpad of your local helicopter base and you get missions. Because it just so happens to be, that in the town where you should rescue people, there are quite a bit of sims that are getting hurt or are getting into trouble (all in quite a similar fashion I might add).

You have a various amount of tools in the game to help you complete your missions. In order to extinguish a fire you have a bucket which you can fill with water and pour it over the fire, in case of a traffic jam you have a megaphone, you can also call for police, ambulance or fire department assistance or if you are sick and tired of nagging sims, you can shoot some teargas at protestors who are causing a riot.

I’ll show you a video of the game later on, and I totally with you. The graphics suck, they do now, they did when it came out. But I’m telling you, the game is so much fun, you just want to keep playing it. Who ever said you need next gen graphics to have fun?

There is also a sort of easter egg in the game, which I find quite funny. Apparently there are “himbos” in the game, I don’t know that you know what they are but I really had to look it up. They are male bimbos. And they run around in the simcopter city. If there are multiple himbos in one place, don’t be alarmed if they start hugging and kissing each other, it’s normal behavior.

Oh, right, before I forget to mention this. Are there any of you that liked to play sim city 2000? Simcopter allows you to import sim city 2000 maps, so you can fly around in you own home made cities. How cool is that!

Anyway, here is some video material. As I said, do no let looks deceive you, this game is actually fun!


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