Have I got a treat for you today. Specially if you enjoyed mincraft, halo and warcraft 3 since the game I’m presenting today is inspired on these 3 games. Starforge is a free online game. This game is about gathering resources, buying weapons, using strategy (hah as if that is going to happen) and destroying the enemy’s base.

Since the game is set on an alien planet, the theme is “high technology” mixed with some old world building mechanics. Which basically means that you live in a shack while you’re using fancy high tech tools to defend yourself. Sounds plausible? No?

The story behind the game is very simple. Earth’s resources have been depleted and a new star must be forged so all human beings can live at peace again and thus destroy another planet.
You play as a “hero” in this game and there are a few types of heroes. One of them is Gunner, a little confusing but this is actually the name of the character. The story behind this person is that he is a gifted.. ehm.. gunner? While growing up he was able to pick up a gun and within an instant take down any target he sets his sights on. When the earth created the new planet initiative, the idea was to bring the most gifted marines into space combat. Et voila, here he is, on a new planet, doing the same ol’.
There are 3 other characters available, being Bossman, Clunk and The Grizzly Woodsman. Which sounds like a very interesting combo.

If you ask me, it’s really worth trying. Let me show you a video

In case you are interested, and I’m sure there will be a few lovers, the game can be downloaded from here.

And by all means, do me a favor by letting me know how you liked it!


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