Since there are some hardware lovers amongst the audience I would like to say a word or two about a new type of RAM which is currently under development. It’s RRAM or ReRAM, Resistive Random-Access Memory. This type of memory could or rather should be the successor to both current memory chips and hard drives.

ReRAM combines the read/write speed of DRAM with the non-volatile nature of flash memory. You know how regular RAM memory works right? Once the current is interrupted, it forgets everything it knows. Well this type does not. In theory a computer with sufficient ReRAM could translate into a scenario that doesn’t require loading times. And besides this great potential feature, it also requires very little power.

The funny thing is, the technology which this is based on, called memrister has been around for 40 years. Memristers work by remembering the amount and polarity that passes through them as a sort or electrical resistance.

I can’t really tell you when it will be available, since I don’t know. I could look it up.. but you know.. :P


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