Retro Gaming: Clay Fighter

Another great classic which loved and hated at the same time. Clayfighter a classic fighting game originally made for the NES, later brought to the megadrive and after a some time re-released for the Virtual Console of Nintendo.
If you don’t know this game, but want to try it, a word of warning, don’t take this to serious.

The game is mostly circus themed and the plot is rather.. uhm.. “compact”. Some meteorite fell down on an American circus. The goo coming out of the meteorite transforms the circus personnel into caricatures or their former selves. Together with their new look they also receive new powers. Basically, they all want to be the king of the circus, so they battle each other.

So.. circus themed characters, that sounds fun doesn’t it?  And of course it is.. not to mention very strange, here they are:



Bad Mr. Frosty










Blue Suede Goo

















Ickybod Clay













Charming bunch, is it not? They all have their own special abilities. I have to add, this game is rather hard, I never been a very good 2d fighter but really, this was frustrating sometimes. But you’ll manage I’m sure ;-).
Let me show you how it worked..



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