It’s all about the breeze

Since we were discussing the problem of heat within your computer, it seems like a good idea to tell you something more about the cooling systems for computers. Before I go on, there are several types of cooling, from just opening your computer case and putting a fan in front of it to more fancy internal water cooling systems. I don’t know yet how far I’ll take this but maybe it’s best if I just run you through the basics.

If you have ever opened up a computer case, maybe you noticed something strange about the fans inside of the case. The coolers in the back seem to be screwed on wrong! Damn you coolermaster! Well, not quite… Hot air rises, cold air sinks, so far so good right. So the hot air will be in the upper most part of your computer case and this air needs to get out as soon as possible. That is why most cases have a fan screwed on “backwards” in the top of the back of the case. This will blow the hot air out. The fans on the front on the other hand will suck cold air in.
And before I get angry mails again telling me that is old fashioned and there are also bottom mounted fans, yes I know. I’m just trying to explain something here ;-).

Those are the basics, not that hard was it? Good, when speaking of fans, notice that there are different types of fans. You’ve got small ones and big ones. And no that is not a joke, I’m quite serious about this. Which fans you should use, depends entirely on the system you are using and specially on how you are using it. One possibility is to fill you computer case with computer fans, sure it will be cool enough, however it will be far for quiet. Specially when the fan has to blow harder, it will make more noise. To balance is the key word here.

Let’s not go into details about which brands of fans there are and what the quality of the hardware is because there are literally hundreds of fans which go from very crappy to extremely good, very noisy to silent.
Some googling will tell you what to do ;-)


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