A simple tool: Putty

Another tool to improve your life’s quality (okay so just a very little bit).
I have to work a lot with linux server, as if this is not bad enough ;-), these servers do not have an X installed. Meaning that there is not graphical interface enabled.

Which kind of blows you might say, but actually it isn’t all that bad. Because the servers don’t have an X component running it saves quite a bit of resources. But of course there is a matter of connecting remotely to this machine. This can only be done by using the command line.

So in order to connect to these non-graphical linux machines I use a small tool called Putty. Maybe you have already heard of it? It’s rather known in the world of command line geeks such as myself.

It could not possibly be any simpler, you open putty, enter the hostname of the machine where you want to connect to and the port, hit connect, et voila. The only thing to do then is login and that’s it.

Of course, putty also offers a couple dozen options. To name a few, you can completely adjust the look of putty. Also combined with Xming for example it is possible to push the screens a server should show to your screen.
So the work is done by the server but the screen is shown on your desktop.

For those to which it is still not very clear what putty does (which I can understand), let me put it simple. Every worked with remote desktop? Or maybe VLC? This is basically the same thing, only without the user interface. This is a remote desktop command line, so to speak.

So this allows you to connect to a linux/mac/unix machine over ssh/telnet/etc and execute some commands. It sounds like a pain, but it really isn’t, after a while this works a lot faster than looking for the correct icons to click on.


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