Next PVR

A rather long time ago I wrote a post about TV-tuners. And finally, after all this time, I found software that functions properly, it does what I expect it to do and the best thing is.. you know… it’s free!

The tool, as the title implies, is called NextPVR and can be downloaded from this location. It has a few fantastic features, the first one.. it works! Really it does, there are quite a few applications out there which are compatible with TV tuners but only a few really do the trick.
Another one is the fact that you can pause live TV, go get a snack, come back and start it again. Just like the “real” TV of nowadays. But not only can you watch TV, it is also possible to browse your entire video collection or play a DVD and even listen to music. This tool can be defined as a media center.

The fact is, this tool is so simple to install and use that virtually anyone can use it. If you have a TV tuner card, all you have to do is make sure it is plugged in and installed, show NextPVR which card you are using (by just selecting it) and off you go. The tool itself will help you to locate TV channels and allows you to store the frequencies so you can switch channels like you would on a normal TV.

Really, if you have a TV tuner, give it a go. You’ll love it!

By the way, did you know that you can also plug in your TV tuner in VLC media player? The truth is, however, I never got it to work properly. Maybe you can? Let me know! :D


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