Retro Gaming: Greendog

Yesterday I came across a review of a game I played as a kid (one does not simply find a review of a retro game, I know). I totally forgot it existed. Sad because I enjoyed it a lot.

So here I am now, bugging you with another retro gaming post! The game is Greendog The Beached Surfer Dude!
A game published in 1992, a time when surfing, inline skates and skate boards were very popular. This is made very clear in this game.

The storyline goes as follows. Greendog is the typical surfer, laid back, caring for nothing besides surfing and finding the thrill of his life by riding big waves. At one day he’s, of course, surfing when he is tipped over by the biggest wave he has seen in his life and fall in the sea, unconscious.
When he wakes up, he finds himself at the beach with a pendant around his neck which is unable to take off. A little later a beautiful women in bikini comes along and explains his that the pendant is of Aztec origin and it is cursed. The wearer will be attacked by all animals and will be prohibited to surf.
The only way to remove the curse is to find the 6 missing pieces of the Aztec treasure, scattered across the Caribbean Islands.

How about that for a story, I pretty sure you never came across something like this. Maybe for the best.
The game itself is a typical sidescroller, you have to jump on platforms, defend yourself with a Frisbee and pick stuff out of trashcans to heal yourself.
About the damage you take, the funny thing is that you don’t lose health, you gain damage. Once the damage meter is full you will lose your Frisbee. If you fail to pick it up, you’ll die.

Agreed, this may not be the best game you ever played but still. Unique in it’s kind. The Caribbean music, the atmosphere, the way things are presented. It’s quite nice in my opinion.



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