Retro Gaming: Eternal Champions

We’ve all played mortal kombat and we all know how it is. But there were some other fantastic fighting games “back the days” of the megadrive era. Like for example Eternal Champions. This is a fighting game which tried to become popular in the age of popular games like for example Street fighter, and as I mentioned before, mortal kombat.


The producers tried to do that by giving the game a better storyline and making the characters unique. They all came from a different time periods.
For example, there was Shadow Yamoto a ninja from the year 1993 (the year the game was released, so “the present”). R.A.X. Coswell, a kick boxer from the year 2345 (get it? 2..3..4..5?)
Slash, a caveman from 50000 BC, he looks a bit like beast man from masters of the universe and so on and so forth. (I’ll show you a few in the videos later).

Shadow Yamoto

A fun fact about the characters is that they were chosen by a few votes. Once every 2 weeks Sega held a focus group (of all ages) and these people could vote on which type of character they would like to see in the game (ninja, pirate, robot, …). The list was narrowed down to 50 characters (I kid you not). These 50 characters where drawn and presented to the testers (which were a bunch of kids). Finally the list was reduced to the 10 characters which are now available in the game.

It really was and actually still is a very cool game. Let me show you:



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