Hiren’s boot cd

This post will most likely save your computer one of these days. I wanted to share the Hiren’s Boot CD with you. This is probably one of the greatest tool I’ve have ever used.
I say tool, but that’s not true to be honest. The Hiren’s Boot disk is a set of tools.

This bootable (yes, most of the tools run outside your operating system) allows you to figure out what is wrong with your computer.
It really has a lot of this which can help you figure out what is wrong… HDD checks, CPU checks, RAM testers, Master boot record tools and I could go on like this for some time.

There are also some graphical tools, even a mini windows XP version. How cool is that. In case you are wondering why… This allows you to backup all files you don’t want to loose from a crashed windows system.
Also a very nice one is partition magic. A tool that allows you to format your hard drive any way you like. This really is good stuff.

Find the complete list of tools here.

Download the CD from here.

And you know, I’m a cheapskate, so this is a completely free tool.

Go forth and spread the word!


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