Retro Gaming: The Sims

This game has brought me a lot of laughter and joy, because it is simply… brilliant. The concept on itself is very simple but the way it has brought to life is just amazing.

I’m sure you all at least have heard of sim city (of which a new installment is announced)? You are the mayor of a city. And you try your very best to fulfill the needs of your citizens. These citizens are called ‘Sims’ (needless to say, called like that because they simulate life). It was a huge hit, people loved this game series.

Because of this a few new “Sim” games were produced. And The Sims is one of them. In stead of building a city, you will build someone a life. You can create one or more characters and put them together in 1 house. Let me make this very clear, you can control multiple sims at the same time. It all depends on what you want to do.

The goal of the game is to live the life of your sims. There aren’t really any missions, you just need to live your life. by doing normal stuff like the dishes, cleaning, taking up hobbies like painting, playing piano, etc. The number of activities that are available are endless. I’m serious, I played this games for a few dozen hours and I never got bored of it once.

Living the life of your sims means that you get to see each and every aspect of it, brought is a fun yet recognizable way. You can get pregnant, raise a child, see that child move out, you age and yes, you also die. There actually are quite a lot of ways to die in the Sims.

Although there aren’t actual missions in the game, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Each sim has needs, represented as bars. The look like those retro health gauges. They will tell you if your sim needs to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, is amused, is in dire need of social interaction, etc.
In case you wondered, and I just know you do, yes you can have multiple lovers at the same time. My personal record is 7. It becomes really challenging to keep them out of each others way.  You don’t want to get busted do you?

This game is a real recommendation, even for those that do not like video games. You will enjoy this simple because the setup is so simple and it allows you to do stuff you wouldn’t dare in real life ;-).

There are 3 main games of the sims. Simply called “The sims” 1, 2 and 3. Each game has a few expansion packs which add new features to the game. Let me give you one example: Hot Date. If you install this, you will be able to go on dates, go to restaurants, bars, meet new people, etc.

As the title implies, I’m talking about the very first sims game. As this is a retro game, I posted something about the oldest, most retro game. That’s one reason, and the other is that I simply had the most fun with this game. But once again, the 2 other games are really fan-tas-tic as well. You should really try them if you haven’t done it already.

For those that are not convinced, shame on you! But just in case, let me show you a few videos of the gameplay ;-).

This one shows you how to create a family and a home.

Here is one about the actual life of a sim

More life

And here is one featuring an expansion pack as I explained earlier. The expansion pack used here is Hot Date:


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