For all you browser lovers

I know (actually I hope) you all love firefox. This fiery webbrowser has given a lot of people a lot of internet fun. But did you know there are a few browsers which are based on firefox?

It is so that firefox is an open source tool. And there are quite a bit of people that took the browser and gave it a new look and some new features.
Allow me to present a few…

For starters, and this is mostly for Linux Debian users. If you run this OS you’ll notice you probably don’t have a mozilla firefox browser. You have a browser called Iceweasel. This basically is firefox, but mozilla simply won’t allow the Debian developers to pack and tweak firefox without giving it a different name. You know how it goes.


There is also a browser called waterfox. This is a 64-bit version of mozilla firefox. Since mozilla hasn’t got a 64-bit install of firefox, a few others have taken this project in hands and made it 64-bit. For that uber-fast lightning speed browsing. My blog will load even faster!
Needless to say, you can only use this if you have a 64-bit CPU.


Wyzo, and I’m very sure that this will appeal to most people reading this, is a browser which is optimized for downloading and streaming media. The start page of this browser has an interface to easily search for torrents, youtube videos, etc. I have been told this browser hasn’t been updated in a while. Which is a shame, none the less. Worth the try.

I’m aware there are more firefox variants out there, but I just picked these 3 because they seemed the most “usable” to me. Let me know what you think about them in the comments!


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