Retro gaming: Rampage World tour

Aaaah friday night is game night! Well not for me because I am so very busy lately.. Imagine that, it’s almost as if I have a life!

Anyway, I got a charm for you today. A game that is so simple that is simply brilliant.
The Story? You take a giant ape, lizard and wolf next you pick a city and last you let these 3 creatures trash the city. Simple, easy, fun…

Really this is it, nothing more. You pick either one of these characters and you trash a city. Buildings, cars, choppers and meanwhile you eat a few people. Once this is done you just move along to the next city.
This game was released in 1997 and produced by Midway Games. Believe it or not, this is actually the second game in the series. The game was originally created to be an arcade game, just like Mortal Kombat for instance.

But later on, after hours of trashing in the arcade, it was brought to playstation, sega saturn and some other consoles as well.

The game actually has a real story, it’s very marvel like. George, Lizzie and Ralph are scientists who are mutated from an explosion at Scumlabs (how cool is that name). These 3 go out to destroy all scumlabs all across the planet… and beyond. They also have a lunar base, so… that needs to be destroyed as well.

You should really have a go on this game. Hours will be spend, I promise!

Before you go, just a video to show you how it looks and feels like.



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