Computational Knowledge

Have I got something special for you today! There is a search engine out there, and I can hear you thinking.. Not again! But just wait! hear me out! And this search engine is actually an answer engine, it’s called Wolfram Alpha. How’s that for a cool name.

This website is an online service that answers your question from structured data. Sounds something you don’t really need right? But think again, this is immensely handy. Let me give you a simple example.

Suppose we want to know the differences between USA and Canada. All we have to do is enter the query USA vs Canada and Wolfram Alpha will give us a list of information about both countries so we can compare.

Take a look, if you click this link you’ll see what I mean.
You see the difference with any other search engine? It, ofcourse, doesn’t stop there. Pose any question to Wolfram Alpha and you’ll get a very structured answer.

Let’s find out what wordpress is… What is wordpress? Or if you want details on how to melt metal. This may not seem much in the beginning, but take it from me, this really is amazing. Almost a fine piece of art.

Give a try! I’m sure you’ll find interesting things to query ;-).


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