So tell me.. I’m wondering. Do you have any ‘the strangest thing happened to me on february 29’ stories?

I’ll start, it’s not really a strange story, it’s actually rather (geeky) fun. As most of you know I work for a company that is confronted with a lot of databases.

And yesterday, february 29th, the dataload of the customer I currenly work for crashed. They used a function somewhere that defined a date -1 year in the past. Simply because the function that was used contained a bug.

The error message was literally, ‘not a valid date for this month’.

No shit sherlock :’)…

So tell me, did your microwave explode? You shower started to shower spontaneously? Did your neighbour go all braveheart on you?

Really I wanna know, people tend to encounter strange things on days like this for some reason.

Mail me! Comment me! Call me! Anything will do :D


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