It has been a while since I given you a tool post, hasn’t it. So here it is, a tool that maybe some of you already know, but I’m going to share it anyway.
This is particularly handy if you have created a website and you need to upload the files to the fileserver.

The tool we’ll be discussing today is filezilla. “The free FTP solution”, you probably think I’m a freeloader because I always show you free tools (let’s face it, I AM a freeloader). But really, it’s not because you pay for it that a tool is actually any good. There are loads of open source, free tools out there that are really great.

Anyway, filezilla, as I said an FTP client. To move files between machines, filezilla comes in 2 forms, a client or a server.
The server is needed if you want to set up an FTP “host” that will enable you to copy files. The client is needed to actually copy files.

Filezilla supports quite a bit of protocols, FTP, FTPS, SSH, SFTP. And the cool thing is (geeky me) this works cross platform. So you can connect with a windows client to a linux server.
The interface is also very easy to use, everything on the left hand pane is the stuff on your machine, everything on the right is server stuff.

Just a small note, it is not so that filezilla only works with a filezilla server. It connects over a certain protocol and this can be “served” by some other tool.

Only thing left for me is to show you where to download it:

And off you go! File away!


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