The life and times of Tim

Some time ago I came across a small series, a cartoon. Called the life and times of Tim. I felt so connected to this series that I just had to share it with you. You’ll understand why in a minute.

As the title implies, the protagonist of this series is Tim. An average guy minding always trying to help out others. By helping out others, like for example his “friend” and colleague Stu, the situation he is in changes for the worst and explodes right in his face. Every single time.

He also has a girlfriend, Amy, she has the habit of walking in on Tim when he is doing something strange because others asked him to help out. Resulting in the fact that she’s angry at him multiple times a day.

Tim works for a company called Omnicorp. Besides the mailguy he is about the lowest rank employee around. Ofcourse he is also pushed around by his boss, making him do stuff that are not always very legal or humane for that matter.

Although Tim always refuses to do these strange and odd tasks people give him, he’s always talked into doing this stuff anyway. Because, let’s face it, he is a little naive by believing that everyone has the best intentions.

The show itself is rather sketchy, in the most literal sense. This cartoon contains basic shapes, roughly drawn objects and characters. Which I did not like so very much when I started watching the show. But after a while you get used to it and will even start liking it.

One thing is for sure, you’ll start feeling sorry for Tim after a few episodes. He lives a very hard life…

Currently there are 3 seasons of the show available. Check it out! Maybe you’ll like it as well. Although I do advice to start watching the series from episode 1, this is not your average looney toons cartoon. You cannot just pick a random episode and understand what is going on.

Here is a small trailer of the show. I know it looks strange, but give it a shot. You liked South Park as well, right? So, give it a go!


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