Retro Gaming: VR Troopers

Do you remember these guys? The VR Troopers. I don’t blame you if you don’t honestly. They were some sort of a power ranger knock off series. Basically 3 people that could change into 3 heroes in a suit.

I have to admit, this was by far the strangest show I saw as a kid. None the less, it was amusing. The reason that I will not go to much in detail is simple…. I forgot most of it :’). It’s been too long and I’m really having this “picture missing” feeling.

Although not so very known as the power rangers, there still were toys, posters and games of this series. And that’s what I wanted to show you. As I told you many times before (you’re about sick of it), I have a Sega Megadrive as a kid and it so happened that there was a game for the Megadrive of the VR Troopers.

It was a lot like the power rangers franchise. There is not really much to say to be honest. Bad guys show up.. you morph.. euh… “go VR” and you beat the crap out of them.After that a victorious pose is shown and you are the hero of the day.

The bad guy of this series is called grimlord (yah I know). And the strange thing is that his alter ego is a billionaire called Karl Ziktor. So no weird muscled guy, just a Bruce Wayne like person who in his spare times turns into an evil villain in order to take over the world.

Since this was a show aired in the mid nineties, it’s almost needless to say that it was trying to use the upcoming ‘virtual reality’ as a success factor.

I’m going to leave it completely up to you to decide if they were successful.
Have fun!

Oh and I forgot to mention.. They also have a dog… That can talk o_O…



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