RIP my server

Maybe I haven’t told you this before, but I work for an IT consultancy company. I always on the road, off to customers, fixing their problems and building new stuff they want.
We also have an “HQ”, an office where we can go to if we are not working for a customer or if the customer is closed for some reason.

This means that we don’t run applications ourselves, there is no use for it. However some time ago I have set up a demo server for our company. So if a potential new client asks for a demo, we are able to quickly get our hands on a machine to show them how everything works.
We’ve been having some problems with this machine the last few weeks, it started generating hardware errors and well.. it wasn’t very good :).

And yesterday, I got a phonecall from a helpdesk employee of our company. I was so amused by this call, I just wanted to share it with you. You have to know, these helpdesk guys at our company are very technical people, very geeky (like.. me³, to give you an idea). The phonecall went something like this:

– “Hello”

Hi this is the service desk. Uhm, I have a question about your server. (very very serious voice)

– “Okay, tell me. What do you want to know?”

Well sir, I’m afraid…. I have some bad news. (He said it as if someone was about to die)
I’m afraid that the server is having serious hardware problems and I’m afraid it will crash one of these days. (Again, he said it as if his mother only had a few hours left to live).

– “Oh that bad huh, ah well. We are trying to get our hand on a new one, so if he could just hold out for a couple of days, that would great.”

The problem is that… I’m having trouble accessing the console. (Again he said it like a surgeon that has to explain that you have the most horrible tumor)
Can I… reboot it? (With a shiver in his voice).

– “Uh.. yeah.. sure..”

I hope it will come up again clean, but I cannot guarantee that. (Double drama)

– “Okay, no worries, you can reboot it.”

Man it was so funny, he treated the server as if it was a child of his that was suffering from a terrible disease. He has the best intentions and he really takes good care of this stuff but I couldn’t help myself from laughing afterwards because he took it so very serious.. :’)

That really made my day :D..

Don’t you have funny helpdesk/tech stories? Why don’t don’t you share them with me.


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