In my blogpost about Linux Mint I got a question from a nice guy about Linux and gaming:

I want to switch to linux but I like gaming on the computer, I’ve used ubuntu and arch linux but I’m looking for a version of linux that I can play games decently what do you recommend?

That is actually a very good question and something that many people are looking for. So, in stead of writing a short response in a comment, allow me to dedicate a blogpost on this topic.

Gaming on Linux is possible, although many people say it is not. But the problem is not the Linux distribution. It’s how you approach your game.
Theoretically spoken you can play any game on any Linux installment.
Not out of the box though, you will need to install a program called Wine.

The name stand for Wine is not an Emulator. Because… well it isn’t. Wine is capable of running windows programs on a Linux box.
All you have to do is get the latest version from their HQ and off you go.

Sounds great! Yeah it is, but truth being said. It doesn’t run everything as flawless as it should. There are games that run perfectly, like World of Warcraft for example. Counterstrike also works like a charm. But for instance Postal 2 didn’t seem to work very well for me.

But lucky for us, you can get wine support! Wiki, forum, FAQ, paid support, really quite a lot of options available here.

As I said before, it doesn’t matter that much which Linux distribution you have because it is supported on quite some platforms. Take a look here.

This should get you well on the way with gaming on linux. Have go ;-)


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