Retro Gaming: The Addams Family

Do you remember these guys:

Although a TV series was made in the 60s the became (again) incredibly popular in the 90s. Movies, posters, gadgets and games where made of this wonderful family.

Needless to say, I loved them as well… Not surprised? Figures.. :P

Anyway, as I said, several games were made. One of those was a platform game for the Sega Megadrive release in 1993.

In this game you play as the head of the family, Gomez Addams. He’s trying to save the other family members who were kidnapped (and held captive in and around the house? Technically that’s not kidnapping.. But okay)

Each family member is locked away in a portion of the mansion and are guarded by a boss of some sort (and believe me they come in the strangest forms).

Throughout the game “The Thing” (for those of your that don’t know the thing, look to the left… he basically is a hand in a box) helps out Gomez in his search for his family members. This is really helpful because the house is filled with strange, hidden rooms and quite a bit of secrets.

The game is very Sonic/Mario style, you can kill enemies by jumping on them. Although some weapons can be found in the game. Like for example golf balls which can be thrown at your foes.

The gameplay sounds pretty simple (and the idea is actually really simple) but this is a rather hard game. Even the starter levels are very challenging. Mostly because some levels are so packed with enemies, traps and other things that are after your blood, it’s very hard not to get hurt.

None the less, hours and hours of my life have been wasted on this game. And I regret not even 1 minute of it. :D

Have a look:

Before playing you might want to watch the movies first.. Or the original series.. All worth watching :D


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