A few weeks ago..

– Me? Writing something for your blog… Are you serious?
– Why not?
– About? (*)
– Theatre for example…
– Right…

(*) Important background information, I don’t know anything about the main topics of this blog, namely IT and games, because… Tetris doesn’t count, does it? To be honest, I still don’t think this is a good idea, but for some strange reason I simply can’t refuse anything to Sharp. So if you don’t like the topic at all, don’t blame me, blame the mainblogger!
Here we go… I’m not going to write you a history of theatre. Therefore you can consult our best friend in common Google. The only goal I would like to achieve with this post, is to convince you all that “theatre” isn’t that hermetic, antique and arty as most people think. Let’s start with some wise words of Augusto Boal (a rather interesting personality: if I have triggered your curiosity, you can learn more about his theatrical thoughts here

Usually, people say that a truly artistic show will always be unique, impossible to be repeated.
Never will the same actors, in the same play, produce the same show. Theatre is Life.
People also say that, in life, we never really do anything for the first time.
Always repeating past experiences, habits, rituals, conventions. Life is Theatre.

I admit: it sounds maybe a little exaggerated – artists you know – but I think he has a point. Human beings are condemned to act 75% of the time (social commitments), even if you have a so called social handicap (I’m guilty as hell). I believe that art in general – and theatre in particular – functions as an instrument that allows us to reflect about our world, our lives and (why not?) ourselves. Every single element of a performance (topic, text, actors, setting…) could trigger the critical part of our brain. In this respect, theatre isn’t that different from other more social accepted entertainment like film or even gaming. Every now and then we just feel the need to escape reality and yet by creating this little distance, we start looking at things in their proper perspective… allowing ourselves to put some pieces in the right place (paradoxical, isn’t it?).
Let me translate this theory in something more concrete. Shakespeare for example (I can see you all thinking *horror*) but he really isn’t that boring as he may look at first sight. In fact, his drama is very recognizable, although it is written centuries ago. Last year I came across the following quote, and I’m still trying to put it into practice (which fails every now and then, we all know the dark side of Sharp but I’m not a walking sunshine either):

Come what come may
Time and the hour runs through the roughest day

How about that? Sometimes the thoughts just keep running through your head avoiding you to think clearly. But no matter how pissed-off, frightened, doubtful or desperate you are.. the world keeps on going, so relax! These words are spoken by Macbeth: so it is definitely THEATRE. But it is also a true wisdom which is universal for every person in every decade and therefore it is also LIFE. Told you so, theatre isn’t really that irrelevant. To be honest, I had the same prejudice about “dance”, until a friend took me to this wonderful performance, which was not at all “out of date” or “hermetic”. So like most things in life: just give it a try and.. enjoy !
As a well-mannered guest, I would like to end this post with some words of gratitude. Thank you, Sharp, for giving me my five paragraphs of fame. And thank you all, dear readers, for your attention. Keep up reading this blog!



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