Linux Mint

Today I learned something, again… I found this linux version called Linux Mint which is a smooth looking, out of the box working linux version.

The producers claim this version to be the best linux version in the world. Don’t they all ofcourse ;-). But then again, it looks very easy to install and use. However I rarely “just” believe something, so I will be installing it on a test laptop later today. Now looking at the requirements of this operating system , it seems to me that this is or could be a light version of a linux operating system.
Look at this (you’ve been long enough with me to know what this all means ;-))

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • DVD-ROM drive or USB port

In this day and age that is really what could be defined as light.

Now I was browsing the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and there was some interesting stuff to know in there. Like for example, a linux mint version is released every six months (this could be either good or bad… Fixing issues is great but new features usually also bring new issues, so…).

There is also explained that linux mint can be used perfectly at home or for a business. Which I can imagine… It should be very budget friendly :).

But one of the great things about this project, in my opinion is, that it is community driven. As this is called. It means that any user can send feedback to the producer. So if you want to have a specific feature added to the linux mint distribution you can make a request. And who knows, maybe your wish will be in the next release ;-).

I’ll add a few screens so you’ll get an idea on how this works and how it looks.

Try it! :D


8 thoughts on “Linux Mint

  1. hey isn’t it a ubuntu based distro.
    I really love trying out different linux distribtions. Right now i already hav my system triple booted with win 7,bactrack 5 and ubuntu and looking forward to try out fedora. I wil also try this one out. Thanx

    • Hey there…

      How is the website coming along?

      I honestly don’t know if it is ubuntu based. It certainly looks that way.

      Your multiple boot computer is pretty cool! I did that myself a few years ago, windows 2k, XP and Linux Red Hat XD!

      Fedora is also very nice, very easy to use and a pretty good looking interface.

      Thanks for visiting!

      • its going good. At first it was so confusing coz first off there was html then came along xhtml and now again we have html5. But i got it and now know html and css nicely and thinkin of moving on to javascript.

  2. i want to switch to linux but i like gaming on the computer, ive used ubuntu and arch linux but im looking for a version of linux that i can play games decently what do you recommend?

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