Things people ask me: Resolution

Why are my icons so big on my desktop? They also don’t look very smooth and within proportion of my screen.

Well my dear readers that is because the resolution of your desktop is set correctly.
Let me start of by giving you a small explanation on what your “screen resolution” actually is. And since I try to show everyone with this blog that computer stuff really isn’t that hard. I compelled to say that “it really is not that hard to understand”…

But seriously, it isn’t hard at all. You screen resolution is the amount of distinct pixel that are can be shown in a “dimension”. Which just means that the amount of pixels shown on your screen depend on the size of resolution you picked.
The higher the resolution the more pixels are shown, the more details are available.

A resolution is always expressed in width over height. For example 1024 x 768 or 1920 x 1080.

I found an image on the internet that shows rather well how the different types of resolutions look (scaled).

Click to enlarge!

You can change your screen resolution on each and every operating system.

For windows Vista and 7 for example, it’s very simple. Just right click your desktop (somewhere empty) and select the option screen resolution. The rest speaks for itself.

For windows XP and below. Right click an empty spot on your desktop and select properties >> settings.

For Linux, it depends on the distribution, but generally it’s preferences >> screen resolution.

For Mac, select the Monitors control panel from the Apple menu, it may also be called Monitors and Sound.

See… nothing hard to it ;-).



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