The painful truth

There was something I noticed yesterday. A rather painful confirmation of what I already suspected. As most of you know, I take the train to work. Not exactly what I really want but it’s the best solution and in the end also the fastest solution.

Now, it’s very cold these last few days, specially on the stations platform. So what everyone (including me) does, is wait down the stairs of the platform until the train arrives.
So yesterday, I stand there, waiting. With some other people around me, to the left of me there is at least 2 meters of room to let someone pass so people who want can go to the platform.

A few (4 to be exact) people passed me to go up the stairs to the platform. But instead of minding the fact that I stand there and going around in a large enough curve (which was perfectly possible) they all bumped into me. One literally smashed into me, pushing me aside. He looked back and gave me a look that said “would you mind, I’m walking here”. Although I haven’t done anything, I just stood there.

What the bloody #@!?! I’m surely not invisible, trust me. People these days (no matter which race and age) have no consideration for others anymore. Sure, it was morning and that’s not the best time of the day, also for me. And I realize that it was only a minor incident. But sadly enough I have more than enough examples that can prove this statement.
Like for example, my hulking neighbour (you remember him from previous posts) find the need to play insanely loud music all day/night (I kid you not, sometimes 3-4 AM). No matter how my times we ask him to please not do that.

I like to end with a quote… My dear readers, please don’t take this personal. Because all of you are different, I’m sure. But in general:

The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” — Mark Twain

And the sad thing is that I don’t own a dog :(


2 thoughts on “The painful truth

  1. Good quote, and sorry about your bad experience. People can be awful. But they can also surprise you. Sometimes they’ll even go out of their way to be nice!

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