The Settlers Online

I’m sure most of you, specially if you’re about my age, have heard of the game settlers. Chances are equally as good that you even already played on of the settlers games (I think there are about 7 now, not sure though).

The producers of this game hopped on the browser game  hype and there we go. And entirely new settlers game online.

You can register as a new user or link this to your facebook or uplay account and that’s really all you need to do to start playing.

For those who have been living on mars… Settlers is a strategy game, you have to build your own city by creating buildings, make new people come to your city, make sure that they are all well fed, become richer, etc …

This is done mostly by following a set of quests, in which, ofcourse, you have to complete a few tasks.
The interface is very easy to understand and to use. Honestly, this is a rather addictive game, so you may want to be careful trying this at a calm moment in your workplace ;-)…

Have a go! You’ll love it!


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