Make your life easier with macros

We are all confronted with computers nowadays and if you are programming or just typing e-mails, what we all want is to make our lives easier.
For some reason many people believe that a computer makes your life harder while is was actually designed to make your life easier.

Really, a computer can make your job easier and can take care of repetitive tasks for you. I agree though,  that you first have to teach your computer how to do stuff. But then again, it’s just like teaching a kid how to do math, right?

Take macros for example. A macro is a set of instructions that have to be performed in a certain sequence.
A very simple example, suppose you get a text file that contains a text file with 100 customer names. All these names are separated by a comma.
Since your boss is a total a-hole he wants you to put each name on a new line. Bugger… Or not! You can write a little macro that does this for you. All you need to do is (have a tool that supports macros) show the computer 1 example and the machine can do the 99 other customers without you. Done in a jiffy!

I can just hear you thinking, my good god.. What kind of a complex tool do I need to achieve this. The answer is again very simple… There are lots of tools which support the creation of macros. Like excel for example. This program has a great way of creating and executing macros and really not so very hard to use.
or do you remember my recommendation of notepad++? This upgraded notepad tool has a macro functionality as well. Also here, very easy to understand and to use. Reading the help file may already be sufficient.
And there are many other tools which allow you to write macros. You even have tools specific for creating macros. They are able to record mouse and keyboard actions and reproduce them. For example autohotkey. It’s even free!

What are you waiting for, go experiment! :D

4 thoughts on “Make your life easier with macros

  1. This is great :)
    I just installed the autohotkey.
    I’ve heard about macros before, but I thought they were difficult or complex to make, so I didn’t do anything about it.
    But I just read the tutorial and it’s a piece of cake! (om nom)
    Thank you :)

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