Retro Gaming – 9: The Last Resort

Friday is retrogame day! And have I got a game for you today. One that, probably, not too many people know. It’s, like phantasmagoria, a click-through game which contains lots of puzzle solving and running around in circles.

The game is called 9: the last resort, and yes, this is somewhat a cult game. It was released in 1996 developed by a company called Tribeca Interactive (which I honestly have never heard of) and it was produced by (hold on tight) Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal…

I kid you not! It gets even better, the voice artists of this game were Cher, James Belushi, Christopher Reeve, Ress MacNeille, Ellen Degeneres and 2 members of Aerosmith.

The game is situated in an old hotel you inherited. This hotel, The Last Resort, belonged to the character’s uncle, is inhabited by 9 muses.
From the start of the game, the moment you walk into the hotel, it becomes very clear that this is not regular hotel.

There are a lot of wacky (and this really is the correct term) inhabitants, they all fear a pair of squatters which are known as the Toxic Twins. Only one person is brave enough to wander through the hotel. Salty, a man moving around with the help of a small airplane (.. cult, I’m telling you).

You need to try to reconstruct the muse machine (whatever that may be) and banish the toxic twins. That about sums it up. You do that by solving a lot of strange puzzles.
Honestly, this is a very hard game, most puzzles are hard to understand and even harder to complete. So if you consider playing this, it may take a while before you beat the game :).

I know that you’re probably thinking: “yah I’m not playing this”. But really, try it! The strange hotel, the environment and the way characters are presented in this game are so… well… “different” from most games that it will just give you the creeps. Despite the age of the game, the graphics are still acceptable.

Why don’t most people know this game if it’s so great? The answer is very simple really, it’s a combination of the gameplay (which not everyone enjoys,  just clicking around), the (for that time) high hardware requirements and the high cost of the game led to few sales.

And with HIGH hardware requirements I mean:
– Windows 95
– Intel 486/66 CPU (or equivalent)
– 16 MB ram
– 15 MB of hard disk

It may sound silly now, but this was really a lot in those days (My computer had like 8 MB of ram in those days).

But nothing says more than a few movies, right? :D

Enjoy! And promise me you’ll play this




4 thoughts on “Retro Gaming – 9: The Last Resort

    • Hey, Thanks for visiting.

      I’ve never tried normality. But I looked up some movies.. it sure looks… special.. :D

      I’ll look it up and have a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

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