Legal Voyeurism

Good moooorrrrrrning wordpress!

Someone showed me a nice website yesterday. It’s called Stickam, this website allows you to start a live video stream. The basic idea is that you can have simple web cam “meetings”.

Although I’m pretty sure most people use this for fun, since you can allow your twitter, facebook and other social stuff, friends to your session, it can be very handy for other things as well.
Subscription is free and it’s fully webbased. So if you need to improvise an adhoc meeting with people that are not in your location, you can easly use this website.
Even if you don’t have a webcam, keep in mind that this website is basically a fancy chatbox. But as I said before, that’s just an idea. Because if you take a look at the ‘ranking’ this website offers, you’ll notice that most of the things are “just for fun”. Which is, in the end, better than a boring meeting, right ;-)…

Give it a little go… Maybe you’ll like it! :D

In case you wondered, yes I’m subscribed as well… Chances are you won’t find me though since I accidentally misspelled my user name…

Hey nobody is perfect! :P


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